Blog: LP Live at Omeara, London

Previously published at 1st October 2021 Omeara is a small venue, and possibly the smallest I’ve seen LP play. It sits opposite a grade II listed church, but the spiritual experience that night was taking place in the former railway tunnel turned venue overseen by Mumford & Sons pianist and record producer Ben Lovett.Continue reading “Blog: LP Live at Omeara, London”

Fiction: A Gift from the Sky

Ethan lay on the floor of his room staring at the ceiling. The light was on despite it being daylight, the yellow bulb fighting against the grey of a sky filled with rain. He hadn’t slept, instead his brown eyes had traced the cracks that cobwebbed across his ceiling, until he noticed the night hadContinue reading “Fiction: A Gift from the Sky”

Fiction: The Devil’s Chariot

I wrote this short story as part of an assignment for my degree.  It’s my first assignment for my creative writing module, and is presented in it’s original form, without editing suggestions made by my tutor, so there are a couple of tense errors etc.. The car of the ghost train rattled to a stopContinue reading “Fiction: The Devil’s Chariot”