Blog: LP Live at Omeara, London

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1st October 2021

Omeara is a small venue, and possibly the smallest I’ve seen LP play. It sits opposite a grade II listed church, but the spiritual experience that night was taking place in the former railway tunnel turned venue overseen by Mumford & Sons pianist and record producer Ben Lovett. The intimate space holds approximately 350 people – so with that in mind, it was an early start to the venue for the ritual of queuing all day to ensure a space at the front.

It paid off, after a long day spent with familiar faces we hadn’t seen since the 2019 uk tour, and some we’d seen more recently in Stuttgart, we eventually found our way to the front of the stage, and I think we were all thrilled at the intimate set up! This show was to be live streamed world wide, and the anticipation was palpable. This crowd were hungry after so long spent away from LP, and even live music. As always, LP delivered.

The set was the same as in Stuttgart recently, only with the crowd getting to choose between Recovery or Switchblade (Recovery won… this time!). It is one thing to witness LP live. It’s entirely another when you’re standing so close to them. It’s hard to describe the feeling, the energy you can feel at such a close range to the source of vocal and lyrical power, high octane performance and a connection with the crowd rarely witnessed. We are here for them, and they are here for us.

I doubt I’ll ever see or feel another gig like this one. I follow LP because of an inexplicably powerful musical connection to their songs and voice (my music choices are fuelled by vocal and lyrics). LP invokes such sensations through their music that I can’t ever describe, and that power was turned up to 11 on the Omeara stage. I won’t try to describe each song for you. I know if you saw the live stream, you probably felt it too. You were right there in the room with us, spirits dancing in the chandeliers.

Each song was overwhelming in its own way, and the upbeat party tracks took the roof off. But the more vulnerable songs were a shot through the heart. The One That You Love, Dreamer, Recovery, Strange, and above all Muddy Waters – that one held us, cradled us, drowned us all in feeling. I appreciate all of you that sent the screen shots of LP holding my hand from the live stream, I know I don’t need to explain to any of you what that moment felt like or might meant to me.

It was the first time I’d heard My Body live and in full, another new track from Churches – and another uplifting lyrical masterpiece in the same vibrant frequency as Angels. Every LP album is full of high highs and beautifully bittersweet lows, but when you put all the released tracks from Churches together so far, you realise just how immaculate this album portends to be.

It’s always over too soon. When the set list is visible from the stage, it’s hard not to glance down and see what’s left. See how long you have to feel it in your heart, before you’re left breathless and sweating in the aftermath. I will stop here. There isn’t much more I could say. If you witnessed it, you know, and if you didn’t, I can only hope they release the live stream some time in the future to feel and relive the miracle.

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